AMS is pleased to provide this brief overview of a number projects that have effectively utilized the Advanced Mat System®.  These packages have been uniquely designed for each client.  Any vessel, drilling unit, tower crane, wind farm tower and other application can seamless be integrated for the various environmental conditions, class requirements, certifications and special requests.
The scope of work is varied from project to project whereas the range of equipment supply has included:
  • Traction Mat Product Line
  • Arctic Pad® Product Line
  • Control and Monitoring Systems & Equipment
  • Electrical Engineering Design and Consultation
  • Installation Accessories, Supplies & Components for hazardous and non-hazardous locations
  • Heated Arctic Ladders
  • Complete turnkey installation support and commissioning
Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-403-910-1492 for any specific details.
L'Astrobale Ice Breaker. - French Polar Logistics Vessel Winterization Package - Piriou Shipyard
New Project - Details coming soon
CIMC Raffles - Frigstad Shekou D90 / CMIC BlueWhale 1 
Drill Floor Hybrid Package
GMC Maritime AS
Leiv Eiriksson Deck Winterization Package
NOV Norway - Island Navigator Crane Winterization Package
Mare Safety AS -
Fast Rescue Craft
Winterization Package
NORMAND SKUD  - Winterization Package
Seadrill - West Rigel &
West Hercules
HGIM - Sisauq,
Suppoter & Champion
Maersk Drilling - Maersk Viking Drill Floor Hybrid Package
Seatrax Inc. - Tower Crane Winterization Package
ExxonMobil - Hebron
Drill Floor Package
Safeboats Intl - NYPD Patrol Vessels Deck Heating Packages
HOS Centerline - Control System & Deck 
Winterization Package
Independence Contract Drilling- TC90FR Hybrid Drill Floor Package
Max Streicher - Modular Rig Floor Traction Mat Package
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The Mosaic Company - Service Rig Matting and Tubing Pads

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