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Product Lines

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Drill Floor Solutions

AMS® products and solutions ensure every step is a safe step.  See our line of Drill Floor mats. 

We offer unbeatable longevity and quality. Improve your operations, protect employees and have peace of mind with AMS®.

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Arctic Pad®

The Arctic Pad® is the premier exterior heated flooring system.  A customizable heated mat in any size or shape is widely installed throughout the commercial, industrial and marine industries including hazardous areas.

This turnkey solution is simple to install and has you covered for snowmelt, deicing and anti-icing applications and requirements.

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Arctic Tile

This exclusive line combines designer finishes, load bearing capability with or without integrated heating.  This sophisticated engineered product line installs quickly for a perfect fit in all commercial applications

A fully customizable product for modernizing rooftops, balconies, stairs, terraces, etc.

AMS Payload Pads3.jpg

Topside Deck Protection

Our Topside Mat series delivers exceptional protection for diverse deck surfaces and equipment, providing an extensive range of options to meet your specific requirements.  See our Payload Pads, Laydown Area Mat, Helideck Mats and more. 

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Power Distribution, Control & Monitoring

As each heated package varies in size and scope AMS has a full line of temperature controls.  They are modular, scalable and flexible. 

Controls optimize power consumption, product function while freeing up time, manpower and oversight. 

AMS Custom Traction Mat.JPG

Custom Product Manufacturing

AMS® can easily transform your ideas into a functional high-quality product.  We offer small run manufacturing, custom prototyping with full design, in-house 3D printing of molds and engineering services. 

See what we can do for you.

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Winterization Products

As leaders in the Winterization market AMS® offers a wide range of products designed to withstand some of the harshest conditions on the planet. 

This line includes Arctic Ladder, insulated equipment covers, heated blankets, and more.

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