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custom design, prototyping, made to order, snow melt design, building design, roofscape design, advanced mat systems, ams

From concept to production we provide comprehensive design services.  As AMS® solutions are custom made to order, our experienced staff will work with  you during this process ensuring the end product fits your needs.  This design stage allows for forethought and planning leading to a successful start, middle and completion of any project. 

  • Establishing client requirements/risk assessment

  • Classification society alignment

  • Operating atmospheres / environments

  • On-site equipment capabilities

  • Preliminary  & detailed design

  • Detailed design

  • Production planning and manufacturing


snow melt, snow melting systems, snow ice melt design, snow controllers, frio, eti networks, advanced mat systems, ams

Electrical engineering services and support are available to all Arctic Pad® and Winterization Products.  Service options are:

  • coordinating with your electrical engineers

  • recommending electrical engineering firms around the globe

  • providing electrical engineering services


Electrical engineering rates are based on each project and its overall entirety.  Contact us today at 1-403-910-1492 for further details.


onsite survey, installation services, commissiong, advanced mat systems, ams

In the event clients are not comfortable confirming dimensions from AutoCAD drawings, we will come to you.  This service is available anywhere in the world on land or at sea.


A site survey allows for an area inspection, gathering of technical information, dimensions and electrical placements for an accurate design and/or estimate. Surveying determines precise location(s), access, orientation, electrical placements, location of obstacles, etc.  The type of site survey and the best practices required depend on the nature of the project.


On-site surveying is highly recommended for Arctic Pad® products as these heated mats cannot be altered, modified or cut.  Measure twice - cut once!


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Our experienced service managers will lend support by directing the installation process.  This will certify that the installation is according to both the customer and AMS® specifications. 


Arctic Pads require proper handling, storage and installation procedures for optimal performance as they encompass an electrical component and cannot be altered in any way.  This service will ensure these procedures are followed from receiving point to mechanical installation.

Installation support can be immediately followed by commissioning to avoid any delays or added expenses due to discontinuity in the project


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The commissioning process comprises the procedures to check, inspect, adjust, test, document and verify a fully functioning system.  Arctic Pads require commissioning for AMS® certification and warranty.  Commissioning includes verifying electrical connections and full training to your key personnel. 


We recommend commissioning to directly follow the electrical hook-up, thus avoiding costly delays and expenses due to discontinuity of a project.


cold chamber testing, cold chamber, testing and analysis, thermal analysis, thermal testing, snow melt testing, heat profile, advanced mat systems, ams, arctic pad, arctic tile, snow melting

Temperature testing gives our clients the competitive advantage by insuring their products are able to withstand cold temperatures.  Climatic testing in our controlled chamber ensures that testing is done exactly the same way each time eliminating any uncertainty.  

  • Ensures that your product meets consumer expectations and industry guidelines

  • Identifies design flaws and establishes the range of temperatures in which a product will reliably operate

  • Allows for an estimated product life expectancy


Testing capability to -20° C​.  Contact us today for your environment testing.


prototyping services, custom design services, 3-D printing, research, product samples, design, evaluation, ams, advanced mat systems

Have a design and need a full scale prototype?  We provide for early stage concepts, prototypes that demonstrate functionality and final prototypes that are cosmetically accurate and engineered for production.

Our prototypes typically include, but are not limited to polymer manufacturing with or without electrical engineering, cast molding and independent third party assessment if required. Let us assist you in bringing your product to life.


Contact AMS to see how we can help your idea become a reality.


small run manufacturing, custom manufacturing, designer manufacturing, urethane manufacturing, custom rubber manufacturing, made in the usa manufacturer, advanced mat systems, ams, speciality manufacturing, small run product manufacturing

Have a product and no one to manufacture it?   Need a custom polymer product?  AMS® delivers high-quality manufacturing services.   We specialize in cast pour urethane projects.  Our goal is to provide long-term solution with dedicated project managers to communicate all project stages.   


Contact us for any rubber, polymer and/or urethane products.

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