Drill Floor Solutions

Advanced Mat Systems Inc continues to lead with our innovative and industry proven product lines.  AMS® Drill Floor Solutions are engineered specifically for Oil & Gas operations. 

This exclusive line is designed with high co-efficient of friction (COF) profiles ensuring each step is a safe step in the right direction.


Modernize your operations with the highest quality of products available in the drilling industry today.

Need a heated mat built to withstand drilling operations see the Arctic Pad® Line for escape routes, muster stations, monkey boards and more.

Extensively used throughout the drilling industry, purpose-built and engineered to prevent slips, trips and falls.  AMS® Drill Floor Traction Matting delivers a positive working surface while aiding in drainage of drilling fluids.

  • Chemical, corrosive and diesel resistant

  • Fire-retardant properties

  • Can easily be modified on site without special tools

  • Built-to-order any size, shape or thickness

Typical Drill Floor packages include:

  • Either stainless steel studs & drainage channels, low or high profile molded traction

  • Non-skid aggregate coating

  • AMS® Color Sync (same color from top to bottom) or Basic

CIMC Bluewhale Customized Package
AMS DF-Traction Mat Package
AMS Hazard ID & Egress Path
AMS Bluewhale Pkg

Drill Floor



Custom molded traction mats designed for a hazardous work area.  This brand of Rotary Table Traction Matting, aka Safety Pad, has always outperformed the competition on quality, longevity and value.

  • Chemical, corrosive and diesel resistant

  • Fire-retardant properties

  • Easily be modified on site without special tools

  • Built-to-order any size, shape or thickness

Typical Drill Floor package design includes:

  • Either stainless steel studs & drainage channels or high profile traction

  • Aggressive non-skid aggregate coating

  • AMS® Color Sync for longevity of visual safety or Basic

AMS Rotary Table Mat - Red
AMS Rotary Table Mat - Yellow
Rotary Table Mat
Hazard ID on Rotary Table Mat

Drill Floor



Absorb the impact, facilitate positive drainage with our most durable polyurethane pad.  The pads have proven to improve efficiency of tripping and  reduce lost time by removing unnecessary risk. 

  • Chemical, corrosive and diesel resistant

  • Fire-retardant properties

  • Assist in protection of tool face and threads

  • Higher COF over timber or grating

  • Built-to-order any size, shape or thickness

Typical Drill Floor package design includes:

  • Fluid channel molded in one direction for easy housekeeping

  • Non-skid aggregate coating

  • AMS® Color Sync (same color from top to bottom) or Basic

Pipe Racking Pads
Setback Pads - Red
Coring / Tubing Pipe Pads
2 Color Setback Pads



These mats are designed to allow fluid to drain and eliminate trip hazards.  AMS® Drainage Mats are ideal around the drill floor and more specifically around the rotary table.  Having drainage mats in place ensures a level surface and continuity for foot traffic. 

  • Lightweight

  • Chemical, corrosive and diesel resistant polyurethanes

  • Fire-retardant properties

  • Large openings to allow fluids to drain

  • Promote cleanliness

  • Any thickness starting at 13mm and up


Typical Drill Floor package design includes:

  • Large opening for all viscosities to drain freely

  • Traction Options: Stainless Steel Studs or Low Profile

  • Non-skid aggregate coating

  • AMS© Color Sync or Basic

CIMC Blue Whale I - AMS Drainage Mat
AMS DF Drainage Matting

Drill Floor


Drill Floor



AMS® Drill Floor LED Mats are paired with the Rolloos RED Zone Monitoring System.  Increased situational awareness improves safety of the complete drill crew.

  • Improves safety on the drill floor

  • Reduce downtime and accidents

  • Easily implemented

  • Enhance operational drilling procedures

  • Cost effective solution

  • AMS® LED Matting can be quickly retrofitted into existing drill floors

Rolloos Red Zone Monitoring is designed to optimize operations, while keeping the driller and his crew informed.  An intuitive user interface informs the driller when people are entering dynamic red zones.  Dedicated status lights in the mats and around the drill floor alert the personnel of conditional red zones and unsafe behavior. ​

Rolloos Red Zone Monitoring Interface
LED Red Traction Mat
LED Green Traction Mat
Rolloos Red Zone Monitoring Benefits

AMS® Payload Pads are used to identify safe landing areas for containers and equipment during crane operations. The non-slip surface combined with high visibility ensures lifting operations can be completed safely and efficiently.

  • Stress & Impact Resistant

  • Highly Durable

  • Non-Slip Surface

  • Deck Protection

  • Equipment Protection

  • AMS® Color Sync

AMS® Payload Pads are available in custom sizes or stock pieces. 

The PP-1500 configuration for loading zones includes:

  • embossed text,

  • red hazard border

  • beveled perimeter

  • expanded with PP-1500-M to meet the size you need


Drill Floor


AMS® designs solutions to fit your needs. Contact us with your concept and together we will transform an idea into a solution.


  • Hole Covers

  • T-Mats

  • Interlocking Matting

  • Cable Trays & Caps

  • Cable Channels

  • FRP Matting

  • BOP Trolley Mats

  • And  More

FRP Mat Solution

Drill Floor


Drill Floor Solutions QUOTES & ORDERS

Our customer service agents have the experience to assist you, simply give us a ring for any queries, quotes and orders.

We are always here to assist in any way we can. 


Drill Floor Product Type

  • DF-Traction Matting

  • Rotary Table Matting

  • Setback Pads

  • DF-Drainage Matting

  • Rolloos LED Matting

  • DF-Payload Pads

  • Custom Product




As each product is built to your dimensions attached any of the following:

  •  AutoCAD or

  • Dimensional Sketch or

  • Detail in your email




Customize for:

  • Color(s)

  • Beveled Edge(s)

  • Add Logo or Symbol

  • Embossed Text

  • Puzzle Locks

  • Etc. 

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