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Our Topside Mat series offers unparalleled protection for a variety of deck surfaces and equipment; we offer a diverse range of topside mats to meet all your needs.


Our products are designed to be heavy-duty and durable, making them ideal for a variety of settings such as vessels, offshore platforms, buildings, hospitals, and onshore facilities.


With a focus on quality, our topside mats are built to last in the toughest conditions and provide a safe and stable surface for any application.

Advanced Mat Systems Inc has the perfect mat for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Paylod Pads

AMS© Payload Pads identify safe landing areas for containers and
equipment while protecting the deck surface from repetitive impacts. The high visibility ensures lifting operations are completed safely and efficiently.  
Protect your people and equipment with our Payload Pads.

  • Chemical, corrosive and diesel resistance

  • Stress and impact resistance

  • Deck protection

  • Equipment protection

  • Portable

  • AMS® Color Sync (homogenous color matching) or Basic


  • PPLW - Payload Pad-Light Weight

  • PPEQ - Payload Pad-Equipment


Laydown Mat

AMS® Laydown Mats are designed to safeguard decks and equipment while ensuring safe footing to prevent slips, trips, and falls. Their lightweight nature allows for easy relocation, contributing to safe and efficient material handling operations.


  • Stress and impact resistant

  • Highly durable

  • Non-slip surface

  • Deck and equipment protection

  • Build to any size or shape

  • Thickness: 0.50", 0.75" / 13mm, 19mm


These mats are for designed for larger areas.



by Vigil Antislip

Vigil Antislip Flex-Deck is a specifically engineered product which provides an excellent slip resistant surface while walking on pipes

and uneven surfaces.


Flex-Deck is:

  • lightweight

  • easy to use

  • easily rolled up for compact storage

  • available in two non-slip patterns

  • a safe and secure pedestrian access

Uneven and irregular surfaces are potentially deadly and demand special antislip protection. Flex Deck creates a safe, highly visible, and adaptable walkway almost anywhere.

Flex Deck


AMS® Helideck Mats are quickly and easily installed atop existing helicopter decks/landings/pads. We have long been the preferred choice for use in oil & gas, wind, and marine sectors worldwide.

  • Chemical, corrosive and diesel resistance

  • Stress and impact resistant

  • Eliminate the need for painting.

  • UV stability

  • Molded opening for tie-downs, light fixtures, fire nozzles, etc.

  • Visual aids are molded and colored into polyurethane matting.

  • Portable or permanent use

  • Easy onsite modification and installation


AMS® also offers the option to obtain your UK CAA CAP 437 certification at our facility, thereby saving you the significant expense and time associated with onboard certification.

Helideck Mat


AMS® Heli-deck Cable Covers are designed to protect electrical components of helideck lighting from impacts.  These unique covers replace fickle aluminum type covers / interconnection type base plates.  

  • Chemical, corrosive and diesel resistance

  • Stress and impact resistant

  • Eliminate the need for painting.

  • UV stability

  • Molded mounting holes.

  • Portable or permanent use

  • Easy onsite modification and installation


These unique cable covers include a non-skid surface to prevent slips, trips and falls. 

Helideck Cable Covers

Topside Solutions QUOTES & ORDERS

We are always here to assist in any way we can. 

Our team has the experience to assist you, simply give us a ring 1-403-910-1492 or email for any queries, quotes and orders.

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