Many complex devices as well as common materials are not designed to operate at extremely low temperatures.  In order to operate without severe damage, in such conditions, certain standards must be met.  The equipment below has been designed to optimally perform in cold, harsh and/or Arctic conditions.  If there is something you are looking for, contact us at 403-910-1492.  Our staff is happy to assist.
Heated Life-Raft Cradle Pads

Arctic Cradle Pads

Ensuring access and functionality of the life-raft is never compromised in cold climates.  Arctic Cradle Pads are heated, removing the risk of equipment freezing in an emergency:

  • Non-Slip Coating

  • Heated internal

  • Custom Sized to Fit

  • Heat Output Options

This solution offered by AMS©, can be designed in or simply installed on exisitng cradles.

Electrical Installation Equipment 

Heat Trace Cable, Junction Boxes, etc

At AMS® we can assist with recommending and/or supplying certified equipment and components for various zones and hazardous areas.  This can include:

  • stainless steel junction boxes

  • armored sheath cable

  • control cabinets, panels, stations

  • electrical heat trace


Control and monitoring systems are specifically designed for Arctic Pads and can include space for other winterization equipment/requirements you may need. These systems may simply turn equipment on and off or can include a complex system of monitoring, control, metering, and communication.

Heated Access Ladders

Customizable Heated Ladders

Confidently move personnel, contractors and clients in cold climates from one level to another.  The risks involved with the use of ladders under normal weather environments only escalates with the addition of snow and/or ice.   Another solution offered by AMS©, is retrofitting new or existing access ladders with:

  • Non-Slip Coating

  • Heated internal Side Rails

  • Heated Internal Rungs

  • Thermostat controlled

Reduce these hazards and the potential for injury with Arctic Ladders.

Insulating Heated Blankets

Straight-Wrap(TM) Covers

Insulated covers are commonly used in industrial facilities to cover:

  • flanges,

  • valves,

  • expansion joints,

  • heat exchangers,

  • pumps,

  • turbines,

  • tanks

  • other irregular surfaces

  • fire mains

  • critical lifesaving equipment


The benefits of these covers include: 

  • flexible, 

  • vibration resistant

  • used with equipment that is horizontally, vertically mounted or difficult to access

  • insulates equipment to reduce heat loss, emissions & improves safety

  • can be easily removed for periodic inspections or maintenance

  • freeze protection


Removable insulation blankets are custom designed & fabricated for each individual item/equipment.  A close contour fit is essential for a neat appearance, proper thermal performance and a reliable instrumentation protection package.

Arctic Pad®

Arctic Pad® & Treads

The Arctic Pad® and Treads are a heavy duty HEATED rubber mat system that modernize the current Anti-icing & De-icing methods.  These pads increase safety by providing a durable non-slip surface for Arctic, Harsh & Cold Environments.


All Arctic Pads & Treads are custom fit for your specific requirements, application and or class society approvals, etc.  These heated pads can easily be:

  • Shaped in Curves and Angles

  • Manufactured in Any Size

  • Any Thickness over 20mm

  • Customized for Heat Output(s)

  • Placed Atop Uneven or Multiple Surfaces to Create Level Foot Paths

  • Molded Around any Surface Protruding Objects or Equipment

  • Customized for Traction Profile(s) - High Co-efficient of Friction

  • Custom Colored - See Available Design Options

The Characteristics of our heated matting system include:

  • Stress & Impact Resistant - IEC 62262 IK10

  • Lightweight vs Older Methods (i.e. Concrete/Heat Trace, Epoxy/Heat Trace)

  • Flexible Design - Bends & Twists - Highly Important for All Marine Applications

  • Polyurethane - Highly Durable, Chemical & Corrosive Resistant

  • High Thermal Mass - Arctic Pads hold heat longer (unlike cassettes) = Daily Operator Fuel Saving$

  • Longevity - Proven Life Span > 5 Years - maintenance free


Arctic Pads & Treads Installation Benefits include:

  • Quickly Installed with Minimal Electrical and Manual Labour

  • Can be Installed at Sea, in Rain, Cold Temperatures, etc

  • Permanent or Portable - allows for easy maintenance or inspection

  • Mechanical Installation Time/Labour Costs Reduces by 2/3.                 (Average 5 sqm per minute)

  • Open Access for All Personnel - No Need to Restrict or Close Off Areas 

  • Easily installs on grating, wood, metal, etc



Winterization Philosophy / Class Requirements / Polar Code

Current class requirements vary from one class society to another however, there is a common goal to improve the effectiveness of winterization measures, ensuring that a vessel or offshore installation is capable or suitably prepared to operate in cold climates.  In order to do this a function based criteria has been developed whereby specifying minimum performance capabilities in relation to the operational design temperature.   This also includes identifying and prioritizing systems and/or equipment considered critical to safety and implementing either an “Anti-icing” or “De-icing” solution.  For non-critical systems De-icing methods should be considered.


It is important to recognize that the IMO’s “POLAR CODE” requirement for vessels specifies that; a means of de-icing should be present.  This includes the use of the various forms and combinations of both passive and/or active de-icing methods. I.e. steam lances, salt, mallets and the use of Mariner skills and training related to adjusting course headings or speed when possible. 

  • Anti-icing will require the implementation of some type of heat generating equipment or a method to adequately cover the entire component of surface area.

  • De-icing requires a means of adequately clearing any ice accretion.            


During the design stage all things must be considered with the utmost attention giving to improving safety when possible.  Therefore the scalability of the project scope is very much dependent on the budgetary constraints of the project whether it’s monetary, weight limitations or power considerations and availability. For example to create a pathway or route to the life rafts does not always entail a constant pathway from A to B but could include segmented designs including the use of the Arctic Pad® for stairways including top and bottom landings based on higher risks.  While in other situations there may be a high risk of icing between stairways that does require complete coverage. 

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