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Temperature Control & Monitoring

Having intelligent controls provide real time monitoring and temperature regulation for Arctic Pads.  Optimizing power consumption will result in both energy and long-term cost savings.  These units improve the function of heating equipment by directing energy exactly when and where its needed. 

As each package varies in scope and size AMS® offers options for control and monitoring. These systems are modular, scalable and flexible. The idea - set it and forgot it.

Contact AMS® to free up time, manpower, alleviate constant oversight and save you money.


  • Automatic snow/ice melting control

  • Adjustable temperature setpoints allows for precise control of a wide range of processes

  • Temperature, load and ground fault current display for accurate adjusting and monitoring

  • Ground fault protection with manual and automatic test functions

  • Alarms for excess ground fault current, low load current and temperature

  • Alarms indicated with LED panel display and relay contact for remote signaling
  • Fault mode setting which can be set to energize or deenergize the heaters during a sensor fault

  • Fire protection maintains heater operation for use in critical fire protection systems

  • Durable enclosures for indoor or outdoor installation and explosion proof

  • Temperature sensor for applications (–40°C to 110°C)

  • Real time monitoring and control

  • Remote Control

  • Ethernet access

  • Data logging

  • Self testing and diagnostics

  • Aerial Sensors

  • And more

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