The Mosaic Company - Custom Service Rig Floor

Project: Service Rig Combination Matting

Type: Service Rig

Client: via Fabro Enterprises, Ltd.

Owner: The Mosaic Company

Year: 2013

Deployment: Western Canada (Saskatchewan)


Scope of Supply

  • Safety Pad

  • Racking Pad

  • Design Services

Project Description

Working with all parties involved to design a system which achieves a

  • A High Traction Surface for safe footing 

  • High impact surface for drill pipe and the ability to cleanly drain fluid from pipes

  • Custom Shaped Edge  - allows for interchangeable equipment to be quickly assembled / disassembled

  • Hazard ID - Red Border for visual cues

  • Embossed Logo

  • Intergration - 3 Pieces Design

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