Seatrax, Inc. - Tower Crane

Project: Winterize Tower Crane, Arctic Pad® & Arctic Ladder

Type: Tower Crane

Client: Seatrax, Inc.

Owner: Diamond Offshore - Ocean Great White

Year: 2014

Deployment: South Australia, Antarctica


Scope of Supply

  • Arctic Pad®

  • Winterization Equipment - Arctic Blanket, Electrical Controls

  • Design & Engineering Services

Project Description

Advanced Mat Systems Inc, was tasked to winterize the access areas for tower crane operators.  As the Arctic Pad® can be easily installed on the existing metal grating, this was a natural fit.  


For providing safe vertical access, the Arctic Ladder was designed.  A Heated Ladder (rungs & side rails), thermostat operated, allowing for positive grip in cold climates. 


Winterization of critical outside mechanical fluid lines was completed with Arctic Blankets.  These heated blankets are available in any size or shape.  They are also easily installed and/or removed for access, maintenance or inspection.

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