Performing these routine actions will lead to properly maintained mats, optimizes performance and adding longevity of all Advanced Mat Systems products.  Preventative maintenances is just good practice.

Maintenance - All AMS Matting

When it becomes necessary to clean the mat(s) any of the following methods can be used

(A clean surface is the optimum surface)


  • Lightly steam, if available

  • Strong detergent with scrub brushes

  • Non-flammable solvent which will cut oil and grease


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When/if the non-skid surface becomes worn, reapply Non-Skid with an AMS Resurfacing Kit. The kit contains:

  • instructions,

  • non-skid material,

  • primer,

  • mixer blade,

  • roller and pan  


No other product should be used to resurface Advanced Mat Systems products.  This operation can be done on the site with personnel.  Contact us for pricing.




1.     Remove mat(s)

2.     Clean (see instructions above)

3.     Roughen surface very lightly with wire brushes

4.     Mix Primer 450, Parts A and B

5.     Evenly apply with short-nap paint roller or conventional spray gun

6.     Allow to dry for 45 minutes

7.     Use a power drill with a mixer blade (1/4" or 3/8"), mix CS-200 non-skid parts A and B for

        a full five minutes.

8.     Evenly apply with short-nap roller or hopper gun

9.     Cure for 8 - 12 hours.

10.   Return mat(s) in place

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