Maersk Viking

Project: Maersk Viking

Type: Drillship

Client: AP Moller Services / Maersk

Owner: Maersk 

Year: 2015

Deployment: Gulf of Mexico


Scope of Supply

  • Safety Pad

  • Drainage Mats

  • Design Services

  • On-site Survey

Project Description

The drill floor, a common combination of high quality, non-slip matting was delivered for this drillship. The client requested the matting be designed to included the top coatings color and polymer be the same.  We liked the idea so much, it has now become an AMS® standard practice.  The color combinations identifying hazardous areas in red, was also carried over to the Drainage Mats.


Options included:

  • Puzzle Cuts

  • 3 Embossed Logo

  • Hazard ID: Red Zone

  • Beveled Edges

  • Color Matching: Polymers & Top Coatings



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