Independence Contract Drilling - Hybrid Non-Skid Traction Mat Package

Project: Rigs 101, 102, 103

Type: Land Based Drilling Rig - ShaleDriller™ 1500

Client: Independence Contract Drilling

Owner: Independence Contract Drilling

Year: 2012

Deployment: Texas, USA


Scope of Supply

  • Safety Pad

  • TC90FR Traction Pad

  • Racking Pad

  • Design Services

Project Description

Drilling Rig floor surfaces become safer with non-skid matting.  As scales of economy are a top concern of all operations, AMS understands and has developed a modern polymer, TC90FR Traction Mat, with hard-wearing characteristics, built to last.  Utilizing this modern polymer on rig floors, in a combination allows owners and operators a cost effective, reliable solution with substantial savings and no compromise!



  • 32mm Safety Pad: Rotary Table

  • 25, 32mm TC90FR Traction Pad: Rig Floor, all other surfaces outside the derrick legs

  • 38mm Racking Pad: Pipe Rack Areas



  • 10mm TC90 Treads

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