HOS - Centerline

Project: HOS Centerline

Type: Supply Vessel 

Client: Hornbeck Offshore

Owner: Hornbeck Offshore

Year: 2014

Location of Install: Alabama & Louisiana, USA

Deployment: Black Sea


Scope of Supply

  • Arctic Pad®

  • Arctic Tread

  • Design

  • Electrical Control & Monitoring System

  • Onsite Surveys

  • Onsite Mechanical Installation Supervision & Support: 6 Days

  • Commissioning: 2 Days

Project Description

The Arctic Pad was installed as a retrofit package which included extensive use for all escape route stairways, muster stations, life raft davits, doorway entrances and critical access areas. The Arctic Pad was also extensively installed on the forecastle deck at the clients request to improve operational safety and crew access. Due to the nature of this retrofit a complete control and monitoring system was designed and included in the scope of supply.


Special Note

As a retrofit, the existing deck(s) was uneven, un-level and had multiple surfaces at differing heights.  This was easily overcome due to the flexibility of the Arctic Pad. Thus eliminating the need for extensive modifications, costly repairs and ultimately removed trip hazards by traversing over deck transitions. During installation the vessel was undergoing a re-certification and relocated to 4 different shipyards during the process. As such four different shipyards were easily trained on the mechanical installation with very little disruption to other ongoing mobilization activities.

Winterization of World's Largest Supply Vessel

HOS - Centerline, Supply Vessel

Heated Muster Station

Heated Muster Station

Heated Muster Station Overhead View

Heated Muster Station Overhead View

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Heated Stair Treads & Landings

Heated Stair Treads & Landings

Arctic Pads installed on stairways, along with top and bottom landings. This achieves a consistent heated non-slip surface.

Heated Escape Routes

Heated Escape Routes

Arctic Pads installed for safe egress on escape routes

Custom Colors

Custom Colors

Stair Treads colored to match Hornbeck 'orange'

Custom Shapes

Custom Shapes

Arctic Pad installed on the focsle deck in all shapes and sizes

Heated Doorway Mat

Heated Doorway Mat

Ensuring the first step outside is a safe one

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