The AMS® non-slip product lines may require a detailed design, to include individual mats to full arrangements.  This design process is/can be a multi-step process which can include any or all of the following:
  • Establishing client requirements/risk assessment
  • Classification society alignment
  • Operating atmospheres / environments
  • On-site equipment capabilities
  • Preliminary design
  • Detailed design
  • Production planning
  • Final production


All AMS® solutions are custom made to order.  Our experienced staff will work with you to design either a single mat or a complete package for your operational needs and environment.  These steps ensure projects are on time and on cost.  The ideal format to provide is an AutoCad drawing

Electrical Engineering & Design

Not all Arctic Pad® Systems or Winterization Projects require electrical engineering.  However, larger projects involve this service for optimization of on-site existing electrical capabilities with current designs. 


At AMS® we will coordinate with

  • your electrical engineers

  • we can recommend electrical engineering firms around the globe

  • we can assist by utilizing the firms we use on many projects and general contract these services as needed


Electrical engineering rates are based on each firm, project and its overall entirety.  Contact us today at 1-403-910-1492 for further details.


Engineering and Electrical Engineering Partners:




HPR - A Havyard Company, Norway

GMC Maritime, Norway

Roxel Products AS, Norway

Nautical Electric, USA


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