Bluewhale 1 - CMIC Raffles (formerly known as Frigstad Shekou)

Project: CIMC Bluewhale 1

Type: 7th Generation Ultra Deep Water Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig Frigstad D90 Design

Client: CIMC Raffles

Owner: Bluewhale Offshore Pte Ltd

Year: 2016

Location of Install: Yantai, P.R. of China

Deployment: TBD


Scope of Supply

  • Drill Floor Traction Mat Package

  • On-site Mechanical Installation & Support

  • Commissioning

Project Description


AMS was awarded the contract to design and supply drill floor matting packages for both of Frigstad Offshores new D90 Semi-submersible rigs.  Extensive design options were included in the package to enhance the visual aspect of redzones and high risk areas around the rotary table as well as the escape route which included our glow in the dark polymer for the directional arrows.  Also, included throughout the drill floor is our unique drainage mat design ensuring trip hazards were eliminated without restricting the drains. 

These drill floor packages have set a new standard for increasing safety and emphasize why AMS is the leading supplier of non-slip matting for the drilling industry. 

Scope of Supply:

  • 279m2 – TC90FR & CS100FR Drill floor matting (each MODU)

  • Surveys, Installation Support and Commissioning  

of Supply:

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