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Power Cable

The cable and heat element connection is sealed within the polymer of the Arctic Pad®, and cut to any length.

Power Cord

Any Shape or Size

Arctic Pad® can be made with curves, angles, odd shapes, etc. for a perfect fit every time.

Any Shape

Any Size


Arctic Pad® can

include openings

or a seamless fit.   



The body of the Arctic Pad®.  Polyurethane is

for use in areas of general to highly corrosive. 

AMS® Polymers have a high thermal mass

(heat retention) enabling cycling = long-term 

energy $avings.  They also have sound

dampening effects for the reduction of noise pollution. 


Heat Sources

Arctic Pad® utilizes self-regulating heat trace cable or low voltage. Watt density

is designed upon ambient temperatures

and client requirements. 

Heat Source

High Traction Surface

All our traction profiles have a high COF, for any footwear, area or application. 

High Traction


Structural / Load Bearing

Arctic Pad® is also a structural heated pad


Choose colors, beveled edges, add  text, lighting, symbols, and more

Arctic Pad®

Product Line

AMS Arctic Pad®, is the premier HEATED flooring system for exterior and cold exposure applications that surpasses all current methods of snowmelt, anti-icing, and de-icing.


This is a modular purpose-built product line, designed for ease of installation. These patented heated mats can be built to any shape or size and are available in all thickness starting at 10mm and up.

Increase safety and reduce the need for snow removal labor, sanding or salting by providing firm footing in cold, Arctic, and harsh environments.  


Choose Arctic Pad® today

Arctic Pad®


The Arctic Pad® is an assembly of high quality materials and components, designed to fit your application, requirements and environment.  The possibilities are endless

  • Shapes, curves and angles

  • Thickness over 10mm

  • Custom color and texturing

  • Modular & flexible

  • Branding, embossed text, safety slogan, symbols, etc.

  • Glow-in-the-dark or LED lights

  • Traction profile choices

  • Portable or permanent

Arctic Pads are easily designed and installed for any cold weather application providing a safe non-slip surface year-round.

Design Options

Arctic Pads are tailored to your electrical requirements:

  • Customized heat output for operating conditions

  • Class societies and/or notations

  • Designed for snowmelt, anti-icing or de-icing

  • Can operate with a simple on/off or temperature controls

  • Can be cycled on/off for energy saving due to high heat retention

  • Available in line voltage and low voltage

  • Used in Explosive and Non-Explosive areas

  • Standard Supply Voltages 110-120, 208-277 VAC and Low Voltage

Arctic Pads store heat which results in lower energy usage due to high thermal mass, translating into long-term operating cost savings.

Arctic Pad®


Arctic Pad®


The most important element in providing a non-slip surface is the ability to provide the appropriate traction profile for the right situation.  AMS® traction profiles provide exceptional grip with some of the highest co-efficient of friction (COF).  

  • Prevent slips, trips, falls

  • Several exclusive traction profiles to choose

  • All with high co-efficient of friction (COF)

  • Certified ANSI/NFSI B101.3-2012

  • Certified ANSI/NFSI B101.1-2009

  • Certified by UK CAA CAP 437 Friction Test

These profiles are a molded part of the Arctic Pad® and are augmented with aluminum oxide non-skid coating.

High Traction Surface

Arctic Pad®


AMS® has a range of pure polymers and blends, each have a different set of physical characteristics and costs.  Our polymer lines include:

  • Chemical resistant

  • Corrosive resistant

  • Ultraviolet stability

  • Flexible design

  • Stress & impact resistant

  • Highly durable

  • Sound dampening

  • Life span +10 years

  • Color options

Which polymer is right for your project? Contact us today.


Arctic Pad®


Encapsulated in the core is metal bar grating creating a load bearing product.  This system is also perfect for updating or retro fitting areas for a fresh look:

  • Stress and impact resistant

  • Light weight vs. concrete pavers with heat trace

  • Easily installed as a heated substitution for typical expanded grating walkways, stairways, rooftops, etc. 

This is a simple all-in-one solution that is modular and sized to fit for rapid installation as it installs like typical grating.

This is yet another first to market exclusive product from AMS®. 

Welded Grating.jpg

The Arctic Pad®


AMS® transformed the industrial snowmelt industry with the introduction of the Arctic Pad® product line.  Never before was there a modular, customizable, ready to install industrial heated traction mat.  This premier product line is a turn key solution. 


As with any proven patented product we want you to know the valuable differences compared to previous methods and copycats. 


The Arctic Pad® product line continues to be on the forefront, offering clients the highest quality products, long-term solutions with unmatched expertise. 

Arctic Pad Difference
Arctic Pad Ordering

Quotes and orders will require your supplied dimensions.  An AutoCAD dwg or dimensional sketch is ideal.


Our customer service agents have the experience to assist you, simply give us a ring for queries, quotes, orders or use the form provided on the right.

Unsure about your measurements, we can provide onsite design assistance and surveys.  Call 1-403-910-1492 or email anytime to


We are always here to assist in any way we can. 


Thanks for submitting!

Arctic Pad® 


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