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Arctic Pad®

Commercial & Architectural

As the leading experts in winterization, AMS® is proud to introduce the Arctic Pad® Architectural line of commercial products.  A stylish and innovative solution for snow and ice melting. 

This exclusive load bearing line combines designer finishes, integrated heating into a sophisticated engineered panel for roofscapes, terraces and other outdoor spaces.   All products are resistant to wear, stains, chemicals, impacts and abrasion making it ideal for high traffic areas.

The Arctic Pad®-Architectural line arrives onsite for a plug and play installation.  There is no cutting or labor intensive installation required.  Simply lay in place or atop pedestals then connect to a power supply.

AP® Architectural product line will add a touch of class to any outdoor space.  This distinctive solution is fabricated for a perfect fit with function, style and resilience.  Customize your project with any of the following:

  • Shapes, curves and angles

  • Custom look with designer surface textures

  • Dimensional widths or lengths

  • Endless color selection

  • Modular & flexible

  • Branding - company corporate logos, names, symbols, etc.

  • LED lighting

  • Openings for gas lines, light fixtures, POS registers, etc.

  • Hidden underside cable trays for routing electrical

  • Portable or permanent

  • And much more​

Arctic Pad® Architectural



Improve snow and ice melt capability using common supply voltages.  Streamline your snowmelt system with key advantages:

  • Customized heat output for operating conditions

  • Improved heat distribution, positioning heat precisely where needed 

  • Improved energy efficiency as panels have a high thermal mass

  • Easily operated with smart controls and monitoring, allowing for on/off cycling

  • Eliminate or reduce labor intensive heat trace installations as electrical is contained within the panels


Arctic Pad® Architectural



Arctic Pad® Architectural


Utilizing all the benefits of a resinous system, AMS® Architectural panels offer a chic and modern finish, that withstand the harshest of foot traffic locations. 

  • High traction /non-slip solution

  • Waterproof

  • Antimicrobial

  • Static dissipative

  • UV stable

  • VOC compliance

  • LEED qualified materials


Add sophistication with surface textures, faux finishes and more for a custom look.

Decorative Mosaics 1
Decorative Mosaics 1

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Decorative CC2

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Decorative Mosaics 2
Decorative Mosaics 2

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Decorative Mosaics 1
Decorative Mosaics 1

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Arctic Pad® Architectural


Encapsulated in the core is metal bar grating creating a load bearing product.  This system is also perfect for updating or retro fitting areas for a fresh look:

  • Light weight vs. concrete pavers with heat trace

  • Easily installed for elevated terraces and rooftop patios or spaces

  • Install using new/existing pedestals

  • Ideal for stair treads, pathways, patios, balconies, rooftops, decking, etc. 

This is a simple all-in-one solution that is modular and sized to fit for rapid installation as it installs like typical grating.

This is yet another first to market exclusive product from AMS®. 

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Arctic Pad® Architectural Brochure



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